This guide will enable you, together with the practice and the effort you put in, to transform from a catterpillar into a butterfly.


Digital form of Kiteboarding guide has been issued for practical reasons. Some are not passionate about the hard copies of books while others want to obtain any information and notion that they find necessary and like to do that via ‘search’ option. It cannot be denied that we live in the computer era and that we are accustomed to the ease of information access.

Since all information is in one place, you don’t have to search the Internet looking for that which you need – all this is possible with this e-book because all information is already there.

You can read the guide while travelling towards the kite spot, waiting for the favourable wind or before going to sleep when you want to learn something new about kiteboarding or just find useful information.

In the chapters you will find the description of the available and mostly used equipment, conditions which allow kiteboarding, but also a small reminder about the weather and atmospheric conditions. After these basic facts, you are going to see step by step how to learn to kiteboard. You will also find the descriptions of the best spots in the world as well as data about kiteboarding organisations. Should you not understand some of the facts, no worries: at the back of the book you will find a glossary that will help you understand the language of kiteboarders.

E-book is now available in Apple stores, but very soon will come out for Android users.




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111 Pages + Glossary
Language: English
ISBN: 9789535708100